Sunday, February 14, 2010

My handsome husband

Pablo is my handsome husband! On Valentines day we decided to take some fun pictures and here are a few of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy these few shots and enjoy meeting my husband Pablo.


  1. Those are so great!! I love the colors in the one way sign one! You rock! I love to see all of your new pictures! Pablo looks awesome!

  2. hey I love the bottom one where he is on the steps... best one in my opinion! and the pic of you on the side of your blog is way cute too!

  3. pablo is so good looking!
    mmmm delicious
    i actually think he would make a great hair model!

  4. I love all your pictures, Megan. You are the BEST!!! You are so cute with your short hair, and yes, your husband is a handsome one. Who is his mother? Ha-ha-ha :)
    Love you Sweetie!